Our Services

We apply our expertise to every project we undertake. In addition to the services listed, we are open to exploring additional ways to fulfill any of our clients' communications needs. If you have a project in mind, let's talk about it.


Branding is the core of every company's DNA, reflecting everything from the company's values to the product or service it provides. Whether building a brand from the ground up or revamping an established one, we can oversee and execute every aspect of a client's branding efforts, including logo, package design, website design and development, visual language, and marketing strategy.
We combine data visualisation techniques, kinetic text and animation to create compelling motion infographics for any audience. Infographics are a great way to communicate complex messages in an interesting and entertaining way.
  • Engage audience
  • Communicate complex messages
  • Effective and entertaining
  • Data visualization
  • Kinetic text
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In today's society, people are bombarded with graphics and advertising every day of their lives. This means that companies need to go above and beyond to get the attention of their target audience. This is where WE come into play. We offer graphic design services that include the creation of a motion graphics. These graphics are creative, unique and best of all – they capture the attention of potential clients and customers.
Our graphic design services are affordable and effective. The team at 3D MOTION LIVE are experts at creating visually appealing and unique motion graphics that captivate those who are exposed to them.
We collaborate with film producers and directors at ad agencies and production companies to produce stunning visual effects for TVCs, internal communications, web videos and event installations.
  • 2D motion graphics
  • 3D motion graphics
  • Visual effects and post production for film production, TV commercials and web videos
  • Enhance the quality of your content with high-quality motion graphics


Do you have a logo that needs animating, or a piece of text that needs to become alive? We create 2d animation using elements that may be in the form of art, text, photos, and video clips, which can be used in various multimedia projects. we have created high-quality motion graphic designs for a variety of clients who have used the images to achieve their business goals and gain new customers.


We provide professional 2D and 3D illustrations for storyboards and animatics. We provide access to a range of distinguished artists and styles, allowing you to perfectly capture the mood and feel for your creative. Building on our years of experience in creating stunning 2D Flash and 3D artwork, our diverse and expansive roster of illustrators demonstrates a range of styles and abilities to visualize your next storyboard or animatic project.
When consistent style and fast turnaround on revisions are crucial to your project, our 3D Storyboards are the perfect fit. Using our lifelike 3D characters and backgrounds, 3D Storyboards are a very realistic and versatile choice for your creative process. With 3D, you can change camera angles, backgrounds, characters, and wardrobe much quicker than with traditional artwork. And if the project moves into animation, you're already many steps ahead.


Are you an event company that uses screens and needs them animated?

We create graphic packages for exhibitions and events such as awards ceremonies, product launches, trade shows, internal conferences and corporate functions to keep the audience engaged throughout the entire event.
  • Visually stunning and engaging
  • High end brand integration
  • Openers and introductions
  • Lower thirds and title plates
  • Delivered in any format for any screen size
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